Few people look forward to filing their  tax returns every year. The experience can be fraught with confusion and worry. At Lynch Law Office PLLC, we help clients throughout Iowa prepare and file tax returns to avoid problems down the road and meet their financial goals.

Complex and ever-changing tax laws, strict filing requirements and the threat of a potential audit are all very real concerns when filing an annual return. We keep up with those regulations, using the latest technology and law to get the best possible outcome for you. Let us worry about these issues for you so you can focus on more important things like your family, career or business.

We assist individuals and businesses with taxation issues like:

· Individual tax returns

· Business tax returns, including quarterly returns

· Tax compliance related to unfiled tax returns from previous years

· Estate tax in the probate process and for trusts

· Tax consequences of various estate planning techniques

Our diverse roster of lawyers includes professionals with varying backgrounds and experience. As established business law attorneys, we understand the tax challenges of running your own company. As divorce lawyers, we can help you handle your taxes in the aftermath of divorce. Our comprehensive practice brings a depth of experience and breadth of knowledge that benefits every one of our clients.

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To learn more about our tax law services and arrange an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, please contact us online or call our Iowa City office at 333-319-0731.